Here are some of our latest video's and films, some by the very talented Owen Benson who is now our resident 'follow-us-around-with-a-camera-man'. (
  • Cracks

  • Oh December

  • All things Change recorded in Yellow Arc Sheffield!

  • Live at The Great British Folk Festival 2011

  • Me, Rob and Robin messin

    We recorded this at my house. It was just me, Rob and Robin jamming something that's never actually made it into the track 'Oh December' but we liked it anyway. So here it is...

  • Jane Taylor - A Day In The Life

    This is a special short film made by the wonderful Owen Benson. It goes behind the scenes of the Compass fundraising project and introduces some of the very special people that are helping Jane bring the album to as many people as possible. It also includes backstage and on stage footage of Jane and the band during her 2010 gig at Bristol’s Colston Hall.

  • 'Set Love Free' recorded for BBC Introducing Bristol

    Jane Taylor performs her specially composed track 'Set Love Free' in Studio 2 for BBC Introducing in Bristol.

  • Jamming in the garden

    Not sure what this is...just me, Rob and Robin playing something we made up.

  • Video for 'Fall on Me'' made in 'The Enterprise' in London

    This was a video that Mr Piper made for us around the time that we got on Radio 2. We had no money, so he came up with the brilliant plan to do an arty live filming thing and I like it! This was when the JT Band included the lovely Beth Porter and Neil Gay too. I thought I'd keep this here as an archive piece. We are always looking for new video ideas, so if anyone has any or would like to help us make a film for any of our songs...let me know!!

  • Cracks - Compass